All our chargers are compatible with AC Type 2 sockets only. Please bring your charging cable.

At any of the CrossCharge stations on the Map. Or if you’d like a charger at your home or office, ask us to do a site survey.

Just download the CrossCharge app, locate a charger near you, and at the charger follow the next FAQ.

Plug in, hit the Stations icon in the CrossCharge app, then the QR logo at top left. Scan the station QR, or input the station number.

Charging progress, Charging interruptions, Estimated time to 80%, Estimated time to 100%.

Yes, once the charge is underway just set your preferences for SMS or App Only notifications. You can get a notification a period you specify before the charge is done, and when the charge is done. We’ll also notify you if there is any interruption in charging.

Hit Stop Charging on the Stations page in the app. Then unplug. Or just leave the charger to complete the charge.

Any electric vehicle or hybrid with an AC Type 2 socket will charge at any CrossCharge station.

Depends on multiple variables, including vehicle battery capacity, vehicle charging capacity, and current charge level. Power output of our chargers is determined by cabling in the area. Typically a 7kW charge gives 25 miles of drive per hour of charge; a 22kW gives 75 miles of drive per hour of charge. In the App, you can filter charging stations by power output.

See availability of Stations in the App, and reserve a charger 10 minutes in advance, so it doesn’t get taken when you’re on the way.

The cable should lock to the station and to the vehicle with no gap. Any technical issue call us 24/7 at 01 690 9000.

Average uptime is 98.8%. We monitor all chargers 24/7 via SIMs in the chargers. Any fault we fix within 24 hours (usually much quicker).


The price is calculated based on the amount of power you draw from the station and the time you stay at the station. See detailed info here.

Add your credit card in the CrossCharge app. After the vehicle charge is complete, price will be calculated as per the pricing page, and charged to your card. Your card information is processed by secure payment systems and is not shared with any individual or organisation.


Yes, we offer free installation for many people, dependent on a site survey. The site survey will enable us to offer the solution best suited to you. Contact us here, and we’ll be in touch.

Make your charger available to other EV owners, and when they charge you earn cash or credits for free charges. Contact us for partner details. A site survey will determine your eligibility.


Call Us 24/7 On 01 690 900, Or Message Us: